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Zoey's Blog

A Coordinator's Assault

Zoey Mitchell
4 June
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Character history- Note: Some of this is personal fanon and speculation as some bits of information hasn't been stated, such as her hometown.
As was the custom in the Pokemon world, when Zoey turned 11 she began a journey to become a Super Contest Coordinator. Instead of the traditional starters of Turtwig, Chimchar, and Piplup, she decided to go with a Glameow which was given to her by her older sister Bridgette. When she left, she is given a necklace which was their mother's. As she traveled, she gained some experience catching a Misdreavus which she used in her first contest. After a difficult battle she is able to defeat the challenger's Prinplup, earning her her first ribbon.

Some weeks later she arrived in Jubilife City to compete in her next contest, but things would soon take a different turn. She encountered a rookie Coordinator Dawn and her friends Ash and Brock during this contest, with the first two participating. Though initially annoyed at the thought of a trainer in a contest, her thoughts shook her out of it as she almost lost to the power of Ash's Aipom who lost because of lack of time to complete the battle. She and Dawn battled in the finals, and despite the close matchup, Dawn's Buneary lost to Zoey's Glameow. As Zoey gained her second ribbon, Dawn, Ash and Brock congratulated her. She said their goodbyes and wouldn't meet up for quite a while.

While preparing for her next contest, she encountered Ash, Dawn and Brock while they were trying to capture a wild Buizel who was causing havoc to fisherman around the area. After failing to capture Buizel, she watched as Dawn and Piplup caught him. As the trio decided to continue on, Zoey decided to stay to try to catch another water type. She succeeded and caught a pink Shellos. A few weeks pass by and she meets up with Dawn and her friends and helps Dawn prepare for the upcoming Hearthome contest by demonstrating a double battle with Jesselina aka Jessie from Team Rocket. Zoey emerges victorious and she is taken to the nearby Pokemon Center to rest. She meets them days later at the contests where she also meets another friend of thiers, Nando, who participates in Contests and Gym battles. Needless to say Zoey didn't much care for that at all.

Though her initial attitude towards Nando was very sour, she couldn't deny him his skill as as Dawn lost in the appeal round, and Zoey lost in the finals against Nando himself. Feeling somewhat depressed, she returned to the Pokemon Center to see Dawn crying her eyes out, and gave her some adivce to help them both. She pent the next few weeks honing her skills, getting ready for the next contest when she came across Dawn and Ash having some difficulty with their Buizel and Aipom respectfully while training for the Solacean Town Contest. She suggested a trade and after seeing how compatible they were with each other's pokemon, they agreed. After the trade Zoey continues on but is then sent to the Digital World.