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[Accidental Audio]

... She's gone.


No. Aelita.

[Audio] Zoey's Musical Skills

[Fail locked to Dawn, meaning everyone can see this]

Dawn? Perhaps in lite of the recent disappearance there's something I have to say.

Two In A Million - S Club 7

[Audio, locked from Hostiles and Zoey]

So... Zoey's birthday is on the 4th. She needs a party and some of you better organize it. Ash, Dawn, Takato and even James? I'm looking at you.

[ooc: strike is only seen by those it's locked to.]

[Audio, locked to Dawn]

Hey um... Dawn? Are you doing anything on Friday?

[Audio, locked from hostiles]


Mom. Wherever you are now, I miss you. We miss you. I just hope wherever you are, you're happy and that... you're proud of me and Bridgette.

[Audio, locked from hostiles]

Um. Dawn, happy birthday! Why am I the last to hear about this...

[attached is a plushie of Dawn and a voucher for two at Marine Angemon's Love Eatery.]

[ooc: strike is very hackable by Dawn]

[locked to Matsuda Bakery residents]

Everyone, did you see one of the lastest posts? This 'Xellos' being put high up the chain of command in Tetha? Not good news. The problem is... what do we do about it? From what I know about him, he's a very dangerous person but if Ravemon put him up there that means Ravemon can't be trusted.
So. Flamon is it? Where and when do you want to have this date? Because right now? Anywhere that isn't Tetha would be great.

At least I'm not 500 bits like my partner.

[Backdated to Christmas Day] Happy Holidays

Seeing how I have a good many to be thankful for and grateful... Lets get started.

[For Dawn - A white and blue gown]
[For Ash - A red and black shirt with a Pikachu on the front, and Agumon/Charizard on the back as well as a note saying 'I'd like a battle sometime after the holidays, Happy Holidays!']
[For James - A green sweater with a rose printed on it's back, and a picture of Palmon on the front]
[For Yuka - Gaomon's headband and a white sweatshirt as well as a note saying 'I'd like for us to train together sometime']
[For Katara - Ranamon's hat and blue sweater]
[For Takato - A red sweatshirt with the imprint of Guilmon on the front and back, as well as some candy]

[ooc: I think that's everyone. Let me know if I forgot anyone.]

[Locked from Hostiles and Dawn]

Well... This makes things pretty difficult.

I had no idea Dawn felt that way towards me. Anyone have a suggestion on what I should do without hurting her?

[ooc: Strikes are locked to Ash, Yuka, Rock, Takato, Katara and anyone from her world besides Dawn.]